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AMCO Disc Bearings
If you do not see your disc or do not know your make please search through our full disc bearing selection further down the page.

W208PPB5 10272 WTD5, WTD6, LFD2 Disc
W208PPB8 10333 WTD10, WTD3, WTD4 Disc
W210PP2 11052 For Disc with 1-15/16 Shaft
W211PP3 11071 516, 517, 518, F15 Disc
W210PP4 11078 For Disc with 1-1/8 Shaft
W208PPB6 11079 LFBD2, LFB2, LTB2
GW214PP3 11504 For Disc with 2.688 Shaft
GW214PP2 G10218 WTF2, WOJ10, WOF10 Disc
GW208PPB5 G10272 For Disc with 1-1/8 Shaft
GW208PPB8 G10333 13-1/2" Pulverising Disc
GW210PP4 G10446 For Disc with 1-1/8 Shaft
GW210PPB2 G10771 For Disc with 1-15/16 Shaft
GW211PPB3 G10906 For Disc with 1-1/2 Shaft
GW211PP3 G11071 WOF3, WOF5, WOF6, WOJ3, WOJ4, Offset
GW210PP4 G11078 RB1, RB2, RB3, RB4, RB5, RB6, WOD2, 341, 342, 343, 344 Disc

If you can't find your disc above look through our extensive disc bearing list below.

All Disc Bearings:

Square bore 

Square Bore Disc Harrow Bearings
Pre-Lube and Re-Lube Square Bore Disc Bearings

Round Bore 

Round Bore Disc Harrow Bearings
Pre-Lube and Re-Lube Round Bore Disc Bearings

Square bore

Square Bore Flanged Disc Harrow Units
Flanged Disc Harrow Bearings

Round bore

Round Bore Flanged Disc Harrow Units
Flanged Disc Harrow Bearings

Special Bearing

 Special Disc Harrow Bearing Kits
Direct Special Application Kits

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